We hope everyone is getting through this tough time as best they can. We, of course, were crushed to cancel an entire tour. However, living through this event with the rest of humanity is a unique experience in the history of the world, and we feel the need for music and art more than ever before. Thanks to the technological age we are living in, we are excited to be able bring live streams to you from our studio in Brooklyn, NY. Please check our Facebook page regularly (www.facebook.com/PEAKbandNYC) for scheduled performances.

Also, we are very excited to announce that our live album Hot Clips Offical Volume 1 will be released on all platforms including Itunes and Spotify on March 28.  This is a live series, and this first volume features some of our favorite jams from Fall/ Winter 2019/20 Tour and is beautifully mixed by Johnny Young.

lastly, here’s some LIVE VIDEO that’s just been released.   Please check our Youtube channel here     as we continue to drop selected videos from Winter Tour shot by MKDevo.


please check out our dope tour artwork and sick tour dates even though we won’t be playing ’em. Sure would’ve been fun!