Head into Spring with us this Saturday, March 20 as “Live From The Studio” Sessions Part 4 drops at 8 PM on the eve of the Equinox. We’ve had a blast making these for you. Stay tuned for Spring and Summer news, as well as imminent album updates!
In case you missed it, here’s a highlight from Part 3, a new song called “Vanishing Skies.”
Once again, we bring you video by MKDevo, light design by Matt Calabrese, and only the finest audio engineering brought to you by Michelle Young.
The show is free but tips are very, very appreciated.  The top-quality production on these takes a lot of resources, love, and time from a lot of people, so if you are enjoying the shows please don’t be shy. You can support the band and team directly here:
Now that the beacon is lit, here’s where you can watch:
Youtube Channel (Recommended):
 8 PM
The show will stream from the PEAK page here, as well as MKDevo’s page, The Jamcast Network, and New York State Music’s page.
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Don’t forget to visit our Bandcamp page here for live sets of multitracked audio.
Tonight’s set will be available tomorrow Sunday 2.28.21
Cheers and we can’t wait to see you!
Jeremy, Johnny, Josh, and Kito