Greetings and Salutations!

 We hope everyone is doing well! We’re excited to drop our first phase of Spring dates, as well as a couple of new full-show video and audio releases. Also, the vinyl for Choppy Water is almost here, so once get those we will send out everyone’s rewards. They’ve taken a very long time due to a worldwide laquer shortage caused by the pandemic, we should have them soon, thank you for your patience.
Much love and we hope to see you soon!

Jeremy, Johnny, Josh, and Kito
Upcoming dates (more TBA):
3.10 Orlando’s, Burlington, VT

3.11 Bull Wheel Bar, Jay Peak, VT
3.12 Stella Blues, New Haven, CT 
3.13 B.R.Y.A.C. (Acoustic Duo Show) Bridgeport, CT
4.8 Snug Harbor, New Paltz, NY
4.14 La Boca, Middletown, CT
4.15 Stanhope House, NJ *
4.28 Park City Music Hall, Bridgeport, CT**
6.30 Camp Jam, Brunswick ME
* co-bill w/ Uncle Stump
** supporting Evanoff
New Video Releases:
bowl live ig.png
youtub eduo.png